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Team Bewsh - Nick & Chris Broomhead

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Nick & Chris Broomhead

Nick & Chris Broomhead

Body Builder, Online Coach, Personal Trainer
We are Nick and Chris Broomhead, online coaches and Manchester based personal trainers.


We are Nick and Chris Broomhead, we are manchester based personal trainers.

Nick has been a personal trainer in Rochdale working out of JD Gyms for 2 years.

Chris has been personal training in Salford for 3 years, previously at Pure Gym and is currently at JD Gyms.

We have a combined total of 30 years training experience and several years working in the fitness industry.

We have spent the past two years investing in ourselves, improving our knowledge, service and ultimately our client’s results. This has lead to us being the top trainers at our clubs.

We take our job seriously, helping our clients reach their fitness goals is of utmost importance.

Online Coaching

Our new online coaching service has been recently launched. The aim is to change people’s lives all over the world, not just in the Manchester area.

We both work with clients slightly differently, we work to the same high standard of service but have our own ways of doing things. At the end of the day you have to find the right coach for you. You may prefer Nick where as someone else may prefer Chris. We both have different personalities.

Healthy Eating Recipe Book

Our new e-book was launched in January. There will be a new addition released monthly at Bewsh or

Download the January edition for free here.


Get Started Today!

If  you are ready to start living a healthy lifestyle, drop a message to get  started! Everyone has a unique situation, and we will strive to accommodate yours.


They give 100%. Everyone that uses them as PT thinks they are the best. Get great results, dietary advice and training programmes.. Wouldn’t go anywhere else..

Online Coaching

Ready for some personal training in Manchester?
Online Coaching / month
£70 - £90
1 to 1 personal training / month