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Jon Mitchell

Jon Mitchell

Body Builder, Online Coach
I’m Jon Mitchell, a Natural Bodybuilder, Personal trainer & online coach for my company Train With Mitchell. I have been training for over 10 years now and have a genuine passion for fitness in my own results and for helping others achieve theirs.


When I was 15 I stepped foot into the gym for the first time and fell in love with training. Sounds cliché but it’s the truth, but never had the desire to compete, just wanted to learn all I could about building as much muscle as I can naturally, learning what to and what not to eat, how to get the most from my training and being a sponge for all information given to me and that I had researched. I also spent a fair amount of time training in mixed martial arts before returning back to full time weight training, as that was my true passion. While at University I was studying Music Management & studio production but working in a gym near me and it become clear that fitness is where my heart was, and no longer in music. After I graduated I worked security while studying to become a Personal trainer, then once I was qualified set out to start my career as a PT.

After working for a few different gyms I went fully Self-Employed setting up my company Train With Mitchell doing both 1 to 1 personal training sessions and online coaching for people all over the country.

Myself as a bodybuilder I am always striving to be the best I can be, and constantly pushing myself to progress. In 2017 I wanted to push myself to a level I had never been too so worked under Coach Gavin Gibson WNBF who prepped me through what was a very successful season for us. Being told I had the potential to turn Pro we went again in 2018, and although not all my placing’s were matched with the previous year it was a much more competitive season and gave me a clearer indication of where I am, and what I need to work on going forward to chase that dream of one day turning professional.

Now embarking on a strong off season I plan to keep building taking as much time needed before coming back to the stage where I believe I will be the most competitive I have ever been and will hopefully achieve Pro status.

Competitive History

2015 Season

  • BNBF North East Championships 2nd Place Novice Category


2017 Season

  • UKDFBA Heart of England 2nd Place Mens Open Heavyweight
  • NPA Southwest Championships 1st Place Mens Open Heavyweight, Best Pose & Overall Champion
  • UKDFBA UK & International Championships 2nd Place Mens Open Middleweight


2018 Season

  • UKDFBA Heart Of England 4th Place Mens Open Heavyweight
  • NPA Southwest Championships 1st Place Mens Open Heavyweight
  • UKDFBA UK & International Championships 5th Place Mens Open Middleweight
  • NPA British Finals 3rd Place Mens Open Heavyweight

Online Coaching Services

Online Coaching Services:

My online coaching service is one I setup to be able to reach out and work with people that aren’t local to me and follow my methods of training and dieting. I like to keep things simple, and one of my slogans for my company is to

‘Do the stuff that works’ this industry is full of SO much information and methods, and Instagram posts that can confuse people and overwhelm, so I take time to work with people to find out exactly what it is they want to achieve and help them work towards this.

My services are for people of ALL journeys in fitness, you DON’T have to be a competitor, you could just want someone to help you lose weight, believe me I’ll keep you on track! So whatever your goal is I will do all I can to help you achieve it.

I do offer competition prep for those who do want to compete, mainly novices and first timers to give them a taste of what it’s like but don’t be fooled that doesn’t mean we take it easy, we work to bring your BEST and will settle for nothing less!

Coaching includes:

  • Nutrition/Training Plans – Amended and changed where NEEDED, I don’t believe in making changes every week, we change when needed, because if it ain’t broke don’t fix it
  • Weekly Check Ins – Currently done via email/voice note to monitor & track progress
  • Daily support – I’m not one to advertise ‘24/7 support’ because I have a life to live and the reality is will not be on hand 24/7 HOWEVER am highly responsive when available and will always make sure I get back to you when needed
  • A GENUINE SERVICE – Look this is a business that I run because I WANT to help and work with people, it’s not my main source of income so I don’t do it for the money, so you will get my full and genuine support, all I ask is that you give the same back.

So whatever your goals are whether your looking to get fit, in shape, build muscle, lose weight, lose fat, compete or just generally get healthier then get in contact and lets get working together!


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