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Weight Loss



⭕️FAT LOSS & WEIGHT LOSS⭕️ ⠀ Old but GOLD. I had to re-share this even though it’s gone wild through instagram quite a few times. Oh well, for those who haven’t seen it.. there y’all go! ⠀ Did you know this? I bet all of you wonder why, even if you start dieting, your weight […]


Here we are again. Talking about obesity. And our shambolic understanding and proposed solution towards it. The latest installment coming in the form of a proposed ‘pudding tax’ to reduce sugar consumption. How very droll of the government!⠀ ⠀⠀ When step aerobics and sweat bands were prevalent in the 1990s, fat was the labeled as […]

High Fat High Carb: Killer Combo

We’ve all heard that fat is bad for us, and now we’re all hearing that carbohydrates are bad, truth is…. it’s all a load of bull. We NEED carbohydrates and fats in order to survive and lead a healthy life, without a sufficient amount of these two macronutrients (along with protein) you will suffer from […]