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What to eat and when to eat?


? FLEXIBLE DIETING 101 ? ⠀⠀ ? Are you curious about “Flexible Dieting”? Or maybe you’ve heard of the “80/20 Rule” for dieting and you want to learn more? ⠀⠀ If yes, this post is for you! ? ⠀⠀ ? Flexible Dieting, or the 80/20 approach to diet and nutrition basically comes down to this: […]

Flexible dieting or strict nutrition

Flexible dieting or strict nutrition   What’s so flexible about dieting anyway? When I think of flexible dieting, I think about big haired individuals wearing spandex doing stretches to 80’s music…. Nothing to do with flexible dieting, it’s just an amusing image my brain conjures up. So, what exactly is flexible dieting? First let’s discuss […]

Sweet Potato Protein Brownies

Sweet potato, protein, and brownies, three things ranking high in importance, for myself anyway. For those of you who have refrained from the recent trend of sneaking hidden veg into sweet treats, I completely understand your hesitation as it does sound rather odd, however there is method behind the madness. These brownies are completely gluten […]


Here we are again. Talking about obesity. And our shambolic understanding and proposed solution towards it. The latest installment coming in the form of a proposed ‘pudding tax’ to reduce sugar consumption. How very droll of the government!⠀ ⠀⠀ When step aerobics and sweat bands were prevalent in the 1990s, fat was the labeled as […]


We like to idolize and demonize most things. We crave affirmation that what we believe in is universally correct. An example can easily be found in those idolizing their favourite sports team, whilst demonizing that team’s bitter rival. Yet if put into non-emotional context, both teams are merely trying to beat each other by the […]

Vegan athlete interview: Tsuki Harris

Vegan Athlete interview: Tsuki H Today: Tsuki “H” Harris, a natural bodybuilder who has competed with drug-tested federations in both Figure and Physique/Women’s bodybuilding. Tsuki has won regional shows and placed top 5 in Britain. She’s also a Personal Trainer and group fitness instructor – so her vegan diet needs to fuel plenty of activity beyond […]