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White Chocolate Cookie bar Cookies n Cream Protein Cake

White Chocolate Cookie bar Cookies n Cream Protein Cake

Received my 2nd @bewshbox yesterday, and damn this box 📦 was loaded with IIFYM goodies! Check out Bewsh Box for your own custom made IIFYM Supplement box!
I thought what better protein to go with this bar than my Cookies n Cream Iso Whey?!🙌😋 Deets below!👇


🍪30 grams Cookies n Cream Iso Whey.
🍪5 grams cake flour.
🍪1 tsp baking powder.
🍪5 grams black cocoa powder.
🍪46 grams egg whites.
🍪120 grams canned pumpkin .
🍪Whisk dry ingredients together and then add in wet ingredients and stir into a batter. Divide batter between 3 mini round baking dishes lined with parchment paper and bake at 350 for 15-16 minutes .


🍪270 grams nonfat plain Greek yogurt mixed with 7 grams sugar free fat free vanilla pudding mix and 7 grams Oreo pudding mix + 15 grams Oreo pie crust crumbles .
🍪1 (60 grams) @grenadeofficial White Chocolate Cookie protein bar.
🍪7 grams White chocolate chips.
🍪10 grams graham crackers crushed with 5 grams Oreo pie crust crumbles.
🍪19 grams White Chocolate Oreo Thins

🍪Macros (entire dessert).
🍪97 C/22 F/81 P 883 cals .
🍪Macros (cake itself).
🍪20 C/2 F/30 P 207 cals .

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