An IIFYM (If It Fits Your Macros) supplement subscription box, approach to fitness, nutrition and diet.

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Ratty Ryan

Ratty Ryan

Body Builder
Visionary of Bewsh with the sole purpose to provide a single source of accurate fitness and nutrition information accessible to everyone with the aim to help you make an informed decision of what works best for you to achieve your goal!
Ali Stewart

Ali Stewart

Body Builder, Online Coach, Personal Trainer
I am a personal trainer, natural bodybuilder, online coach, nutritional consultant and fitness columnist. I love training hard it’s in my blood. UKDFBA British Champion '18 and WNBF World Pro Runner-Up '18
Lois Simpson

Lois Simpson

Online Coach, Personal Trainer
I help people fall in love with their bodies and fitness through different methods and approaches. "Self love conquers all" - Loislovesfitness
Dr Mike II
NHS GP, Health Podcaster and Writer with an interest in sustainable lifestyle change through the path of least resistance.

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